Friday, April 15, 2005

Progress on my minisweater. I'm using Licorice Cotton-Ease and making it for Hawaiilove from Craftster. You can't tell because the yarn is so black, but I'm on Row 25. I'm not making the sleeves puffy so I ignored the instructions from Row 17 and just increased as normal. Ok, now a question....when it gives the total rows in parenthesis before you separate the that including the 8 garter stitch rows? I tried to count and do the math, but my brain just isn't working today! Thanks!


Anonymous Cirilia said...

I wonder that as well because when I tried it on, my sleeves did not meet at looks like I have about 10 more rows before that happens...which leads me to believe we're not supposed to include those 8?

April 15, 2005 7:27 AM  
Blogger tara said...

yeah, that's what I decided once I held it up to me...but it's tricky, b/c it's not for me. thanks!

April 15, 2005 12:24 PM  
Blogger wizkid said...

Don't include the garter stitch rows. The row count starts from the first stockinette row.

April 16, 2005 12:56 AM  

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